Self-Help Books Designed for You

The Make the Most of Yourself books are designed for you. Ideas and tools are provided to help you succeed in your personal and social life, as well as in school. These guides are easy to read, simple to apply, and fun to use. Improving your self-esteem and self-confidence are emphasized, along with building healthy relationships. Tactics for improving your success as a student are included. And you will learn how to better manage your time and energy as you reduce the stress in your life.


Here are a few of the topics included in the Make the Most of Yourself books.


     For yourself       • Improve self-esteem       • Build Self-Confidence       • Defeat negative thinking       • Develop healthy thinking skills       • Become a positive person     For your relationships       • Communicate effectively       • Build positive relationships       • Avoid what destroys relationships       • Manage anger and manipulation       •  Respect yourself and others     For your education       • Study in a successful manner       • Make the classroom work for you       • Strengthen your concentrate skills       • Improve memory and recall       • Improve test-taking skills           For your time and organization        • Manage your time better        • Get organized        • Sharpen your planning skills        • Attack distractions        • Make the most of your time     For the stress in your life        • Identify stress and its source        • Reduce stressful thinking        • Apply stress-busting tactics        • Organize your time and resources        • Use exercise and good nutrition to help        • Healthy relaxation tactics   


Skills to Use for a Lifetime

The strategies and tactics provided in the Make the Most of Yourself books are designed to provide positive skills and habits that will help build success, satisfaction, and enjoyment in your teens and throughout your life.



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