Books for Teens and Parents

The Make the Most of Yourself series focuses on building learning skills that help prepare individuals to succeed in their personal, social, and academic lives. “Getting it together” is the central theme of the books as readers learn to better manage themselves and their activities. This includes learning how to organize their time and space, improve their study habits, and handle stress into today’s world. Developing self-confidence, taking care of one’s resources, and building healthy relationships are emphasized as essential parts of maturing. The adolescent, teacher, or parent will find tactics that easily can be put into practice. Readers will begin experiencing the benefits of these tools as they build habits that lead to success.


Help Your Child Build Self-Esteem, Life Skills, and Academic Success:


 Develop Healthy Thinking Habits and a Positive AttitudeGet Rid of Self-Defeating Thoughts and BehaviorsKeep Your Relationships HealthySet Goals and Identify PrioritiesManage Your TimePut Your Study Skills to WorkImprove GradesAssert Yourself to Stay on CourseManage Stress and DistractionsStay in Shape to Keep Healthy 


MTM Parent Guide

This book reviews positive parenting strategies and healthy ways to reinforce the tactics included in the Make the Most of Yourself series of books. Parents will quickly recognize the benefits of the tools their children learn and be in a position to reward their efforts. They will find it easy to structure new and productive activities that benefit of the entire household. Teamwork and unity are enhanced as family members share their energies and talents. For example, the book dedicated to time management focuses on learning to organize, plan, and schedule school and home responsibilities, as well as fun and recreation. It provides a great opportunity for parents to clearly address family needs and priorities, as well as their expectations for their children. This helps adolescents adjust to the expectations of teachers and other responsible individuals in their environment.



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